We are trying our best to help the whole family instead of helping one or two  children, so the whole family is benefited in long term.

Local Support

Our mechanism is to have an officer responsible for each administrative district, so our funds will be utilised the best possible way as well as it makes sure the support is given to the most needed persons.


We have raised all our funds minimising the costs involved. Also all the volunteers are giving us an amazing upport in all our fundraising events.


Family with 4 school children. Parents brought them up with the low income generated by selling home-made sweets to small boutiques. Our district representatives found that if helped with transport facilities, they could improve their family business. We managed to support the father buy a motor-bike to uplift the business.

Donation amount : Rs. 50,000.00


This family has four children and 3 of them are university students. Parents were struggling to support their education as they didn’t have a stable income. BFC representatives proposed to provide an irrigation pump to support the family with cultivation.

Donation amount: Rs. 60,000.00


This family with 5 children struggled to support their children with their educational needs. Father was able to learn and operate a cement brick-maker which was provided by BFC.

Donation Amount: Rs. 210,000.00



A young girl with special needs, but with very special skills found at Sandagala Special Needs School, Kurunegala. She is very talented artist who is now 18 years. We decided to arrange a Graphic designing course and support her with equipment to be a professional graphic designer.

Donation Amount: Rs. 120,000.00